The State Residency Tracking App

TrackingStates: The State Residency Tracking App.

TrackingStates has you covered, keeping track of the days you spend in all US States.

Offering the best value, most accurate, 100% private Residency Tracking solution.

TrackingStates tracks automatically, just leave it running for effortless state to state day counting!

"Works great to count my days in Florida." - App Store Review

Trac-King app

US State day counting for the 183 day rule.

Many people travelling frequently between states have concerns about their state residency or domicile. TrackingStates*1 automates your day counting, effortlessly.

Trac-King app
Trac-King app

TrackingStates vs. alternatives.

A TrackingStates day.

For many states, any time spent in state counts as a day, no matter how short or the reason for your visit. If you enter the state for 10 minutes or 10 hours, that's a day!

Fortunately TrackingStates has you covered. A TrackingStates day, is any time spent in state, no matter how short.

But don't worry, if you cross a stateline multiple times a day, TrackingStates won't double count; your 'DAYS IN STATE' total records a maximum of 1 day, per 24 hours, midnight to midnight.

TrackingStates' flexible platform allows you to make ajustments when you need to, for example, if you arrive at JFK and only transit through New York, you can Edit this time to 'Transit'.

Trac-King app
Trac-King app

Rules vary from state to state.

Day counting rules change from state to state. Other factors, of course, also influence your residency and domicile status. So please, always consult with your legal or professional advisor, they are the experts in their field.

TrackingStates gives you an invaluable tool to track your in-state days, which when combined with with other key residency information, can help you and your advisor to build a full picture of your residence position; to give you peace of mind and to keep you one step ahead.

TrackingStates, helps you to stay comfortably within the rules.

Packed with useful features

  • Trac-King features

    Continuous tracking

    Set and adjust date ranges, allowing you to recall your state locations on any given day, week, month or a full tax year.

  • Trac-King features

    State View

    View each state by trip, with entry and exit dates and times. Export individual state movements for your advisor or export all of your travel data.

  • Trac-King features

    Travel Timeline

    All movements are conveniently split into trips in the Timeline summary page.

  • Trac-King features

    Add Previous Days

    Add back state time from before you downloaded TrackingStates, for example if you started using the App mid-way through your tax year.

  • Trac-King features

    Edit Trips

    Edit trips to Transit, or amend your travel record as required. Edited travel is clearly marked for an accurate record.

  • Trac-King features

    State Trip Maps

    State movement locations are pinned for each trip and can be viewed later, by adjusting dates and times as you need.

  • Trac-King features

    Data Privacy

    You track you. Your tracked days are stored locally on your phone and backed up to your own Cloud account.

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*1Currently available for iPhone only, Android coming soon.

*2TrackingStates is a subscription based app with a monthy subscription cost of only $2.99 per month.

*3State boundaries are based on the most up to date US government available state boundaries. TrackingStates uses the same degree of border accuracy as leading mapping Apps. If you wish to discuss a specific border location, please submitting a ticket on our support page.