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Now tracks Schengen travel

TrackingDays is the original residency tracker App, downloaded and trusted in over 60 countries.

Need to keep a record of the days you spend in different countries? Counting days or nights to establish tax residency? TrackingDays has you covered, keeping track of your days and nights, wherever you are in the world, automatically.

TrackingDays takes the hassle out of keeping track, giving busy Expats, Non-Residents and Digital Nomads one less stress.

"The App has worked well over a longer period, very reliable... Also very helpful customer service" - App Store Review

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Who uses TrackingDays?

Clarify your residence.

TrackingDays is the perfect tool for individuals ‘counting days’ or ‘nights’ to establish their country of residence. Its flexible framework works for all countires where day counting is a requirement. Whatever your day counting needs, TrackingDays has you covered.

UK Residence Test - count nights (your location at midnight) for the "Statutory Residence Test" (SRT).

US - count your days for the"Substantial Presence Test”.

Canadian Snowbirds and Non US Citizens use TrackingDays to avoid accidentally becoming a tax resident.

Cyprus residence - use TrackingDays for the "60 Day Rule”.

New Feature!

New Zealand expats can use the new 'Rolling 365' feature to help establish their non-resident taxpayer status, via the"325 day rule,”.

For US State time, try our sister App "TrackingStates”.

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EU Schengen Travel, a rolling 90 in 180 days count.

TrackingDays now tracks combined time spent in EU countries. Non-EU residents (including UK citizens post Brexit), are limited with the time they can spend in the EU, specifically the Schengen Travel Area. Non-Schengen residents are only allowed to stay for a combined 90 days in a rolling 180 day period. This could be a single trip or multiple visits. Tracking Schengen? TrackingDays has you covered.

TrackingDays has:

Good to know: The Schengen Travel area is named after the Schengen Agreement signed in Schengen, Luxembourg in 1985. More information, including which counties are visa exempt, can be found here on the EU official website.

"TrackingDays gives me peace of mind that I won't over stay my 90 days."

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Packed with useful features

  • Trac-King features

    Continuous tracking

    Users can set and adjust date ranges, allowing them to recall their country locations on any given day, week, month or a full tax year.

  • Trac-King features

    Country View

    View each country by trip, with entry and exit dates and times. Export individual countries or all of your travel.

  • Trac-King features

    Travel Timeline

    All movements are conveniently split into trips in the Timeline summary page.

  • Trac-King features

    Add Previous Days

    Add historical travel, from before you downloaded TrackingDays, for example if you started using the App half way through a tax year.

  • Trac-King features

    Edit Trips

    Edit trips to Transit, or amend your travel record as required.

  • Trac-King features

    Trip Maps

    Movement locations are pinned for each trip and can be viewed later, by adjusting dates and times as you need.

  • Trac-King features

    Data Privacy

    Your data is are stored on your phone and backed up to your own Cloud account. You can export your days buy country or all together.

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UK Residence Test

TrackingDays counts UK nights, a night is your location at midnight.

The UK residence test asks 6 key questions to establish residence. There are three Automatic Overseas tests and three Automatic UK tests. If these tests are not conclusive, the test then considers your connections ('Ties') with the UK.

The Sufficient Ties test counts the number of ties you have with the UK and allocates an allowable number of days in the UK. Ties include:

The RDR1 is a guide for residents and non-residents on the residence, domicile and remittance basis rules for tax years 2012-13 onwards.

Trac-King app
Trac-King app

US Expats

To become an Expat, US citizens must meet the Physical Presence Test.

“Generally to meet the physical presence test, you must be physically present in a foreign country or countries for at least 330 days during a 12 month period. You can count days you spend abroad for any reason… A Full Day is a period of 24 consecutive hours, beginning at midnight.”

Source: A Guide for U.S.Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad

TrackingDays includes a Non USA Days feature that tracks full days, midnight to midnight spent outside of the USA.

Snowbirds & Non-USA Citizens

TrackingDays flexibilty can help you count your US days for the complicated Substantial Presence Test formula, over a period of 3 years.

Foreigners who own property in the USA or simply enjoy spending their vacation or retirement time in the US also need to keep a close eye on the number of days they spend there.

The IRS uses it’s Substantial Presence Test to calculate if a person is a U.S. resident for Tax Purposes.

Trac-King app
Trac-King app

Trusted in over 60 countries

TrackingDays has been downloaded in over 60 countries worldwide and is trusted to keep track of internatinal movements all over the globe.

China, India, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and many more countries all use ‘day counting’ as a key component in establishing residency.

If you are an Expat residing in one of these countries, or you travel regulalry with visa requirements, you may need to count your days. TrackingDays has been specifically designed for you.

TrackingDays is currently available for iPhone only, our Android version is under construction and will be released very soon.